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From classroom teachers to researchers, education professionals have raised questions about how best to assist students who face the significant dual challenge of acquiring the content knowledge necessary for academic success and simultaneously developing their English language competency. This document addresses these questions by looking at key practices in schools with high populations of non-native speakers of English that have achieved exemplary academic success in their second, acquired...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Language of Instruction, Academic Achievement, Second Language Learning, Literacy,...
The Massachusetts context for English language learner (ELL) education has evolved over the last decade, while the population of English language learners in Boston Public Schools (BPS) has increased steadily. During that time, a shift to "English Only" instruction meant that instruction in students' first language (L1) disappeared virtually overnight in K-12 public schools that were teaching ELL students with bilingual education. During the same year that Sheltered English Immersion...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Effective Schools Research, Longitudinal Studies, Followup Studies, Public Schools,...
In this three-state study, the authors estimate the magnitudes of achievement gaps between English learner (EL) students and their non-EL peers, while avoiding typical caveats in cross sectional studies. The authors further compare the observed achievement gaps across three distinct dimensions (content areas, grades, and states) and report patterns of EL and non-EL achievement gaps within and across states. The study findings suggest that linguistic barriers and long-term EL designation may...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Second Language Learning, English (Second Language), Achievement Gap, Academic...
In pursuing the priority of offering all students an equitable and excellent education, the Clinton administration has focused the nation on an urgent imperative: High standards for all students must be set and achieved. This imperative presents a difficult challenge and an enormous opportunity for chronically disadvantaged students, particularly Hispanic students and limited-English-proficient (LEP) students. The strategies in this booklet aim at meeting the unique educational needs of...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Data Collection, Dropout Prevention, Educational Assessment, Educational Objectives,...
This study is part of a collaborative project entitled "Identifying Success in Schools and Programs for English Language Learners in Boston Public Schools". The companion to this report, entitled "Improving Educational Outcomes of English Language Learners in Schools and Programs in Boston Public Schools", provides a comprehensive analysis of student-, program-, and school-level data from SY2006 to SY2009 to describe the trends in enrollment and educational outcomes for...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Effective Schools Research, Longitudinal Studies, Followup Studies, Public Schools,...
Examines issues related to time, timing, and timetabling to discuss how the timetable can be constructed to support the development of English language proficiency in a 3-year plan leading to university entrance for academically competent English-as-a-Second-Language learners, using a semester system. (Author/VWL)
Topics: ERIC Archive, Admission Criteria, College Entrance Examinations, English (Second Language), Foreign...
This longitudinal study examined the education of language minority students in five school districts nationwide. Qualitative data included interviews, school visits, surveys, and source documents. Quantitative data included information from registration centers, language minority student databases, student information systems databases, testing databases, and other federal and state reporting databases. Overall, the districts have attempted to address the dimensions of the Prism Model of...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Academic Achievement, Bilingual Students, Context Effect, Cultural Differences,...
This publication presents a summary of an ongoing collaborative research study that is both national in scope and practical for immediate local decision making in schools. It is written for bilingual and English as a Second Language program coordinators and local school policy makers. The research includes findings from five large urban and suburban school districts in various regions of the United States where large numbers of language minority students attend public schools, with over 700,000...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Academic Achievement, Bilingual Students, Elementary Secondary Education, English...
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To further the understanding of ELL (under) achievement and broaden the current scope of OTL models, the primary focus of this study was to investigate process and content opportunities that are particularly relevant to improving ELL achievement with particular attention to the relationship between opportunities to acquire academic language and ELL achievement. The work reported here operationalized academic language within a systemic functional linguistics theory (also called "functional...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Achievement Rating, Second Language Learning, Linguistic Theory, Educational Change,...
This is the 2010-11 annual report on the academic progress of English language learners in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The purpose of the report is to: (1) Describe the demographic characteristics of students classified as English Language Learners (ELL) in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS); (2) Provide data regarding ELL students' academic performance on the 2010 and 2011 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test Sunshine State Standards (FCAT-SSS); (3) Describe the progress...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Academic Achievement, Grade Repetition, State Standards, Public Schools, English...
This report reviews statistical data collected by the New York City (NYC) Board of Education (BOE) and New York State Education Department documenting the rise in school dropout rates among English Language Learners (ELLs) and their unacceptable educational outcomes, incorporating students' comments gathered during focus groups held with NYC high school ELLs in 2001. The report documents the failure of the State Education Department and NYC BOE to provide adequate support and educational...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Academic Achievement, Academic Standards, Bilingual Students, Dropout Rate, Dropouts,...
This document focuses on the education of secondary level English language learners within mainstream social studies classes. It provides teachers and teacher educators with an understanding of how mainstream social studies instruction can be designed and implemented to enhance academic achievement for these students. Research for this report included an extensive search of various databases and World Wide Web sites; analysis of the national content standards documents for history and three...
Topics: ERIC Archive, Bilingual Students, Cognitive Style, Cooperative Learning, English (Second Language),...